Android Game vs iOS Game Development - What Should Developers Choose

For smartphone selection, you generally need to choose a mobile device that supports two major platforms, iOS and Android. Other operating systems are not included in the calculations as they constitute a small fraction of the equation. So, with the tremendous growth of the mobile gaming industry, future developers are faced with the big question of whether to choose iOS or Android game development. In terms of game development, these two platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's look at the difference between these two platforms in this respect.

1.Development of

Android takes longer than iOS. One of the main reasons for this is the testing process. While iOS games need to be tested on a few devices (iPhone and iPad), Android games need to be tested on a wide variety of devices, which can be very time consuming. Again, after testing, once bugs are found and corrected, you need to run the test again for all those devices. As a result, Android game development takes quite some time compared to iOS game development.

2. Devices compatible with OS

Before deciding which platform to use for game development, you need to consider the devices that support these platforms. If you happen to be involved in developing Android games, you should consider developing for the myriad Android devices available on the market. There are many companies that make Android devices, and all these devices have different specifications regarding the hardware used, screen size, screen resolution etc. device.

On the other hand, since Apple produces only a limited number of devices, iOS game development is not as complicated as it needs to consider far fewer types of devices compared to Android.

3. Revenue

Mobile apps generate revenue in a variety of ways, including app purchases, app purchases, advertisements, and subscriptions. The AppStore (iOS app delivery platform) generates more than twice the revenue of Google. Google Play (Android app distribution platform). This is because most of the apps and games available on the App Store are premium, and it costs money for users to download and use them. However, with Google Play getting more downloads than iOS, due to the option to download apps and games for free and a huge number of Android users. This does not mean that Google Play does not have a premium game. However, they are far less than iOS. Android app revenue generation is primarily due to the provision of paid apps with app purchases, installation costs, ads, and more features.

It totally depends on the developer on the way he wants to make money from the game. However, iOS seems to be an ideal platform for game development in order to accelerate investment return.

4. Design

The more immersive experience they offer, the more realistic they look when it comes to gaming. And this is where Android is better than iOS. The games on iOS devices look flat and feel like playing "another 2D game on a flat surface", but Google's UI elements provide seams, shadows, and edges.

5. Investment

For iOS games, you need to use the XCode IDE with the iOS SDK. The XCode IDE only works on MacBooks, and to develop iOS games, you need to buy a fairly high configuration MacBook, but this can be a costly issue.

For Android games, you need to download Android Studio and start coding your app. Android Studio is supported on almost all devices, so you don't have to pay these big bucks as an initial investment.

Therefore, as a result of analysis, iOS seems to have a slight advantage over Android as a game development platform. However, the choice of platform depends on the developer. Today, cross-platform development tools are also available that enable both Android and iOS game development on a single platform.

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